DDM Office

DDM Office provides easy to use document and product lifecycle management 

DDM Office is an easy to use document and project data management solution enabling you to access, review and update all of your information. Out of the Box and scalable, DDM will grow in line with your business and changing requirements. Designed to streamline the management of:

  • Office Documents
  • Change and audit history
  • Business processes and approvals
  • Supply chain data access
  • Global access via browser and phone
  • Access Controls

DDM Office’s Microsoft Outlook style user interface ensures that even the most novice users are productive from day one, ensuring companies see a rapid return on investment from the outset. DDM Office supports all microsoft office files, adobe files, pdf’s, zip files and more. DDM Office offers workflow functionality which allows the user to manage their data and control their processes with automated graphical routing. The workflow tool requires no programming skills and are easily customised to fit your processes.

DDM User Interface

Workflow and ECN Example

Document Management